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LCC Membership Application

Use this form to submit an application for membership/program at Lincoln Country Club. A $100 refundable deposit must accompany this application to become official. Remit payment to:
Lincoln Country Club
Membership Chairperson
P.O. Box 436
Lincoln, RI 02865
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LCC Membership/Program Application Conditions

Prior to submitting your application to Lincoln Country Club, we advise you to read the LCC By-Laws and Rules & Regulations which are available on our website: www.lincolncountryclub.com.

In consideration of the benefits provided by Lincoln Country Club, including the availability and use of the golf course, locker room, clubhouse, and pro shop facilities, as well as the participation in the affairs of said Lincoln Country Club, in accordance with the charter and By-Laws of said club:

I, the undersigned, hereby apply for membership and I hereby agree to pay annual dues, assessments, and other related charges in effect at the time of acceptance by the Board of Governors of said membership in accordance with the terms set forth by Lincoln Country Club.

This application, when accepted by Lincoln Country Club and its Board of Governors, shall constitute a binding agreement, and shall remain in effect and subject to all rules and regulations as may be approved by Lincoln Country Club.

If my membership application shall be accepted and approved, I agree to pay all charges for membership when they are due. I further agree that unless I inform Lincoln Country Club, in writing, that I no longer desire membership beyond October of any year, I am obligated to pay all dues, charges and legal fees related to the following year.

I hereby agree that my dues are payable annually on December 1st each year; however, as a convenience to the members of Lincoln Country Club, and if the Board of Governors allow, I may pay such dues semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly as I so desire. I understand that notwithstanding payments made other than on the annual plan, I remain fully obligated to pay my dues without reduction, proration, or discount. I further understand that my resignation, if accepted by the Board of Governors, is effective at the end of the month when I submit said resignation.

In the event of default by a club member, hereinafter "debtor," for payments due to Lincoln Country Club, hereinafter "creditor," such that this account is placed in the hands of an attorney for collection, the debtor agrees to pay all reasonable fees to creditor, which will be 33 1/3% of the outstanding balance due under the contract, in addition to all sheriff and court costs. In addition, interest will accrue at the rate of 18% per annum on any balance due the creditor outstanding more than 30 days.

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Michele's Place

Hours Of Operation

Tuesday through Saturday:
11:30AM - 9:00PM

11:30AM - 8:00PM


401-334-3925 (Dining)

Golf Course

Hours Of Operation

Monday - Thursday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM - 8:30 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM - 7:00 PM


401-334-2200 (Pro Shop)